Week 70: I'm So Happy & I Love Him


Sister Ysasaga and  me

I am not getting transferred. So transfer #4 here in Mojave Narrows and High Desert YSA here we go! I'm so pumped! I love this area, the people, and my companion! Life is so good!!  

This week we didn't have any exchanges or any meetings so it was all Sister Ysasaga and I just taking over the Desert! It was so fun! We never get to be together for a full week so we took full advantage of that time. 

So BIG NEWS... on Tuesday night we had no idea that it was going to be our last time to nightly plan because on Wednesday we had a World Wide Broadcast to all the missionaries and they CHANGED THE MISSIONARY SCHEDULE! It was so amazing. We don't have to plan for the next day at night anymore... We plan in the morning and then we choose when our studies are. It was amazing. I love it. It is so inspired and is going to change missionaries. Instead of missionaries just following the schedule because they are told to, This new schedule allows us to choose when we do things... so they are letting us use our agency more for what is important to us. They trust us to make the best decisions for what we need to do to prepare for the day and week. It will also prepare missionaries to go home. We will already be in the habit of finding time in our daily schedule to read our scriptures and study. It is amazing!! SO blessed! 

Ashlyn is still doing amazing. She is darling and sooooo strong in her testimony. Our stake president owns a charter bus business and rented one to take people investigating the church, recent converts, endowed members, and less active members to the Redlands Temple and to walk around the grounds. We  had heard that Ashlyn had asked the president if she could bare her testimony for everyone. This was only 2 weeks after her baptism. SO incredible! A lot of people said they were touched by her words. 

We started teaching a new investigator this week.  A woman named B. She was another referral from a member who recently got baptized. B has had a really hard life but when you talk to her you would never guess that. She radiates happiness and optimism! We taught her about the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ this week and the spirit was very strong. Everything was clicking in her head and heart and you could say her mind was blown. That is usually what happens when their hearts and minds are open to learning. B accepted the invitation to be baptized! She was saying, "I am sooo ready for this!! This is so true!! I am so ready to do this!!" It was adorable!! She wants it! It is the most joyful, priceless sight to see someone recognize how much the gospel is going to change/bless their lives! 

Yesterday, at church we got to run the Primary! Let me tell you, I think I take after my  mother because I was on fire! I had too much fun with all the little kids singing and dancing in Primary! They were all soooo happy! I love being around that happiness of little kids! I could run Primary for the rest of my life. I love it so much!!!! Best calling ever! I just wanted to throw that in there because I had so much fun and I wanted everyone to know! :) haha

Oh my --  This week was fabulous and fast! I am so happy to be here! I love my life soooooooo  much! I go to bed and wake up happy. It does not get any better than that! 

Something really quick that I have been pondering has been my relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ. Do I only know about the Savior or am I increasingly coming to know Him? Do I just believe He performed the Atonement or do I believe that He did it for me? And that it will work FOR ME? 

"We believe and come to know Christ as we experience personally the transforming, healing, strengthening, and sanctifying power of His atonement." - Elder David A. Bednar 

We have to believe that His power will work specifically for us! In our specific circumstances that we find ourselves in! 
I can be transformed! 
I can be healed! 
I can be strengthened! 
I can be sanctified! 
Believe in His assurances and His promises! 

Grateful to know this, grateful to have experienced this early on in my life and grateful that I can still continue to experience His power!!!

I love Him! 
-- Sister Holt 

Apple Valley Zone

District Picture


Week: 69: Life is Good

This week started off with a #miracle - not a surprise!

Monday night we had dinner with our Bishop and he is amazing. I love his family and his home. There is a special spirit in a righteous home. After dinner, we headed over to Shannon's house. She is a member we are working with... she is going through IT right now (it - being a compilation of a series of unfortunate events) but she is finding the faith to strengthen herself.

 It is incredible to help her along her journey. We walked into her house and sat down in her room with her and her friend, Cymphonie, to do some Young Womens Personal Progress. And Cymphonie started asking some questions and soon asked what our core beliefs were. Now, I have met Cymphonie a couple times before this but nothing has ever come of it. So we asked her if we could teach her something. She agreed so we said an opening prayer and began to teach her about The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ which is our main  message as full time missionaries of the church. 

Almost at every point of the lesson she screamed/cried for joy. It was awesome because we did it with her. She later shared with us that on her way over to Shannon's house she was praying out loud to God for Him to send her something to uplift her and point her in a better direction. Then we showed up.  

I truly believe that this is the work of God! He knows what we all need and when we are ready to listen and hear what He has to say. It is incredible to be one of His servants. 

We had three exchanges this week... on Tuesday, Thursday,and Saturday! It was so much fun! I love going on exchanges with the sisters. I learn so much from them! They only get one exchange every transfer but I get 10! It was amazing plus I get to meet all the amazing people they are working with. 

We got to visit and work with so many wonderful people this week and experience the Holy Ghost testify to many of them. It was an incredible week!! 

"Cultivate an attitude of happiness. Cultivate a spirit of optimism. Walk with faith, rejoicing in the beauties of nature, in the goodness of those you love, in the testimony which you carry in your heart concerning things divine." - Gordon B Hinkley

This has been something that I have been pondering. I love President Hinkley. He inspires me and I am sure he inspires so many others as well! The optimism he had and shared with us should be spread across the world! It is so easy to look down, get irritated, or say something negative. It is SO easy! But it is just as easy to say something kind, look up, and choose to BE HAPPY! TWO of the best ways to Choose Happiness is by 1. SERVE OTHERS  and 2. Be Grateful! 

I love my Heavenly Father and I love my Savior, Jesus Christ! I know that His gospel is true and perfect! And it makes me happy!! 

love always,
Sister Holt 

Exchanges in Wrightwood -- That is light SNOW captured here in CALI.

Apple Valley Morning


Week 68: Ashlynn was Baptized

Where do I even start!!?! This week was whirlwind! On Saturday night, I thought it was Friday night. I was all twisted around because it went by so fast!! But still amazing things happened! I am pretty sure I begin every email telling you how fast the week has gone. Ha! Sorry.  

My biggest news is that Ashlyn got baptized!!! It was a beautiful weekend and she was absolutely glowing!! A lot of her family came to her baptism and non of them are members, it was so sweet to see all the support she had. There was a lot of love in that room! 

I have learned a lot during this experience of teaching Ashlyn. She is one of the most faithful young woman I have ever met. Her faith in God is enormous. She was so close to God even before we met her that immediately when we started teaching her she recognized the truth through the Holy Ghost. She truly is such a special person and I am so thankful for her in my life. She has taught me a lot from her faithfulness and her TRUST in her Heavenly Father. I can't imagine how hard it must be to believe in something that your family does not. But her faith carries her because she knows and has received a witness of the truth. She is so cool!! :) 

I don't have a lot of time to write as much as I usually do but enjoy some pictures! I love you all and I am so grateful for your continual support and love. I will forever be thankful for the mission that I have been given to serve for my God and my  Savior, Jesus Christ. I will never forget the experiences, people, and places that I have been to share the truth!  I was telling my mom how lucky I have been so far in my mission.  I have been able to teach and see those I teach baptized.  I feel very blessed to have seen them through their journey.  

Continue to be firm in your faith and stand strong!! 

Love Always,
Sister Holt 

Exchanges with the Santa Fe Sisters

Hermana Smith  and myself trekking in the rain.

 Last lesson with Ashlyn! She made treats for us every morning for our lessons! 

Pre-Baptism with Ashlynn -- Isn't she cute?

Ashlynn ready for Baptism

Newest Member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints


Week 67: Obedience and Becoming a Princess

Another amazing week zoomed by and here I am sitting at the computer trying to figure out how to compact it all down into sentences. I think writing emails home is the hardest part about being a missionary... haha!  

Well I celebrated my half-birthday on Tuesday with my district. They didn't know it was my half birthday but they all happily celebrated with me. We brought a bunch of snacks we had left over from Christmas and let the elders chow. They were happy! 

I also gave a training in district meeting which was a very cool experience for me. My district leader sent me about 6 scripture references on Friday and then it was my job to read them and pray to figure out how to compile them all into a training for the missionaries. It was really a marvelous experiences to have! I came up with a training about obedience and how it is an eternal principle to be learned now so we can be protected. God has provided us an armor and to wear that armor constantly we need to be obedient. You know this has always an interesting concept for me to learn about... because I was never an obedient child. I am pretty sure when I was a little girl I would tell my mom that I hate rules because I literally did not like having her tell me what I can and cannot do. But NOW I KNOW and UNDERSTAND that rules, commandments, and boundaries are for our safety! My mission has truly helped me understand this principle to the fullest. And I know the Lord has a purpose for me to learn this because my future children are going to be 12x as terrible as I was! :) 

Anyways, if you look up D&C 27:15-18 -- we read about the armor of God. We have the helmet of salvation which to me means to keep an eternal perspective, gain knowledge and to keep virtuous thoughts. We next have the breastplate of righteousness which to me is talking about keeping our covenants that we have made at baptism and also our covenants inside the temple. We also have our shield of faith which to me comes from being obedient. In battle, you put the shield in front of you going into oncoming fights having FAITH that the armor will protect you. That is the same thing with obedience. We are obedient because we have FAITH that it will protect us. Last, we have the sword of the Spirit and we need to not do anything to loosen the grip on our sword (the spirit) because we always need it with us to defend ourselves!! I learned so much from this and I hope you can benefit from this message by applying it in your own life! 

This Thursday we had an expanded Missionary Leadership Council meeting down at the mission office. Two members of the missionary department came and trained us. And my life was changed! It was all about helping the people that we are teaching  to BUILD FAITH! Through personal prayer, scripture study, and church attendance. And that those three things need to be engraved into their hearts before moving on with the lessons. Because of course they feel the spirit when the missionaries are over at their house... but everyone needs to learn how to feel the spirit on their own because that is when progression is made. .

We had A, D, and R all at church on Sunday!! It was a beautiful testimony meeting. A leaned over to me and told me she felt compelled to speak... She recognized the Holy Ghost and followed it and got up and spoke. She looked and spoke so naturally. She bore testimony of Christ's atonement in her life. We are all Princes and Princess' of a King. She said, "As a little girl you always dream of becoming a princess in a beautiful castle but then we grow up... and maybe make a couple mistakes and hurt a couple people and lose trust. Then you become the villain. But because of the beautiful Atonement made by our Savior, Jesus Christ we can always let go of the villain inside us and become the Princess we were meant to be!!" It was marvelous! 

I feel so beyond blessed to have these beautiful people in my life and sharing with them what is so near and dear to me. The transformation from the gospel is so real! The change of nature we can have from repentance and obedience is priceless and the reward is JOY! Wow can anything trump that? This gospel given to us by Jesus Christ is without error and can work for anyone no matter the circumstances you are in! It is beautiful. 

Also, side note for Scott and Alys McKnight and the Fullmer family! I found Sister Fullmer and got to spend the day with her on exchanges. She is marvelous and an absolutely stunning teacher! She is being trained by Sister Hernandez who I trained back in March! She is in great hands and is being taken care of!! :) God knows what He is doing! She is in the right place! 

Anyways, I love you all!! The Church of Jesus Christ is true and perfect! And we all have a Heavenly Father who loves and protects us!! 

Sister Holt 

Sister Ysasaga and I

Sister Fuller and I after exchanges

S's cute kiddos! I love them!


Week 66: Happy New Year & Eternal Friendships

Happy New Year 2017 Everybody!!! Isn't the start of a new year so refreshing? To be able to look back and see all that you accomplished in the year prior and what you have to look forward to in the next? 2016 seems like a dream to me... the best dream and I can't believe it will be over soon. One dream I will never forget!  

This week was so amazing where do I even start?! Well, the Christmas Spirit lingers so we were able to teach so much since all the hussle and bussle settled down. 

We are preparing A for baptism in just two weeks! She is darling!! She keeps telling everyone that her Christmas isn't over until January 14th! And she is like a little kid waiting for it to get here already! Her family is all planning on attending so it should be a very special day. It is the sweetest thing to hear her talk about her excitement. Our lessons are always so spiritual and amazing! I can't think of any better words at the moment. (braindead) Her story is amazing. I know Heavenly Father put us in each others lives for a reason. #Eternal Friendships 

D is still progressing as well! We are reading through the For Strength of Youth pamphlet with her. Some simple doctrines and standards to live by which will help her prepare for baptism in April! It is fun and just needs to be  simple and slow for her! Life style changes are hard! 

We got around to seeeing so many new faces in the YSA ward this week and started working with many of them. 

In Mojave Narrows family ward, we are working with lots of members in the ward. Trying to build relationships and trust with this ward is important to them. We have been visiting S for a while now... she is up and down and up and down so we keep our eye on her and her family alot. She is amazing to say the least though... for what she goes through every day - I am amazed to see her so happy! The gospel and God's love does that for us though! Anyways. we do Personal Progress with her on Sundays usually but this week she called us on Thursday for impromtu scripture study. And It was the most amazing night ever!! 

We went over there and all the kids gathered around and her two non member sisters were there and we read the scriptures and had the best discussion!! The Spirit was immedietly brought into that house and stayed after we left. Her sister S came to church on Sunday and that night we started teaching her! She was like..... " You know you are a dancer... and you just go modern dance for the longest time and there comes a time when you just wanna try JAZZ!!!!???" haha That is how she feels! She has so many questions and a strong faith already. She is amazing!! We are best friends!! She gets me. We were talking about the attributes of each of our mothers last night and I was talking about how if it weren't for my mother's strong example of faith in my life... I wouldn't be where I am today! And S yelled out... " Your momma knew I needed ya!!!" 
So grateful for all these mini blessings!! They bring me JOY! 

I am in love in with my mission. Even if the day is hard and it continues to be hard... I am able to find JOY and be happy! I have a great companion who helps me and supports me in doing so and we work hard together! I have faith that God is leading us where we need to go and we get there when we need to. I know Jesus Christ, my Savior strengthens me to do this through His grace. I love this gospel!! Jacob 4:7

Happy New Year my friends!! 
I love love love you all! 

Sister Holt 

Christmas Caroling

Family Ward Member Made this -- My LIFE is made! We love the Grinch in My Family!

Shannon and Sharlene and Family


Week 65: Merry Christmas & Abide in His Love

Merry Christmas beautiful people! This Christmas was full of the spirit of Christ for me. I learned so much and gained so much from testifying of him daily. His life and His atonement is what makes us who we are and so much more!  

We had an exchange this week with the Ranchero sisters. They are awesome. They whitewashed into their area last transfer and they are rocking it! They are so diligent. Their exchange caused me to reflect a lot. It is funny how going on the exchanges with sooo many sisters each transfer ends up shaping me a lot more than I think it helps them. I learn so much talking to all the sisters. I love it. 

We discussed the talk from Elder Christofferson - Abide in My Love.
President Monson says, " Gods love is always there whether we think we deserve it or not." His love is wonderful, perfect, infinite, redeeming, and everlasting. Many of us think that God's love is unconditional... I have thought that for a long time. But sadly it is not. It is always there but it is up to us whether or not we want it in our lives. Saying that God's love is unconditional makes it seem that He will put up with anything that we do and say and he will just let it slide. Or that we don't have to do anything to inherit His glorious kingdom. The Savior came to save us FROM our sins, not IN our sins. We have to align our will with Heavenly Fathers will in order to abide in His love... in order to receive the promised blessings and rewards that He has in store for us. We must keep His commandments. It is so glorious when we do. 

Also in that talk there is the story of Helen Keller and her teacher, Anne. At first Helen refused to let Anne help her and teach her. It wasn't until after patient, consistent effort that Anne gained Helen's trust. Elder Christofferson related us to Helen and Anne to the Savior. Let's not push away and refuse the lessons from our Divine Teacher, Jesus Christ who works perfectly with our Heavenly Father. "He can work with us to enlighten and lift us to a new reality." 

We also got a bunch of missionaries together to go caroling all weekend and we dropped off gifts to families in need and others who need visits. It was so much fun! I know that I am not musically talented in any way but I love singing to others to bring the Christmas spirit. Whether they like to hear my voice or not... :) haha! 

It was so amazing to be able to skype my family! Seeing their faces and hearing their voices was warm to me. Many mixed emotions thinking about how fast the time is going but it is not up yet! I still got oceans of time! 

I want everyone who is reading this to know how thankful I am for your support and constant love to me throughout my life and my mission. This would not be possible without so many of you to play a part. I am thankful every day of many of your sacrifices. 2016 has been the best most powerful year of my life. My relationship with my Savior, Jesus Christ has grown immensely. I wouldn't be here without Him either. I know without a doubt He is with me. He is with You! I know He loves me and gives me strength. 

I am grateful for the light He gives this world. In the darkest days, He gives instant light!! 

I love you all!! Merry Christmas and Happy New YEAR! 
Sister Holt 

Sister Ysasaga and I snapping some photos in the rain storm on Christmas Eve! 

Zone Caroling - 

The Roomies