Week 74: Bread Bowls and Margarita Stands


Week 73: We All Have Place with God

Happy Valentines Day this week!! This week was crazy to say the least! I don't know if I told y'all about the new way we do exchanges. So it used to be one of us would go into their area and the other would stay in our area, Now both the Sisters come to our area and work for the day and their area gets shut down for the day. So with that... There are 6 sisters  in our house  and area for the day! It is wild. But the sisters that live with us have been sick this week and they had appointments to get to as well. But since Sister Ysasaga and I were already on exchanges with some other sisters we had to call in another companionship to go on splits with these sisters. So in total we had 8 sisters in and out of our house on Thursday! It was a mad house and now our refrigerator is empty for the rest of the week. haha! 

We had zone conference on Wednesday! It was awesome! The Apple Valley Stake President, President Ebmeyer, came to speak to us and literally he said everything I needed to hear! Answer to my prayers, in unexpected ways. I don't have my journal with me to tell you exactly what he said but he posed two questions for us to think about and so I will pose them for you and you can think about them. 1. What kingdom would you go to if you were to die today? and 2. You can tell what kind of missionary (person) you are by the companions (friends) you keep. 

Okay, Sunday was literally the best day!! I love Sundays!! First of all, in the YSA Institute Thursday meeting, the lesson was all about the sacrament and making our hours at church and during the sacrament a spiritual experience because really that is the whole reason why we go to church. So I have been working on that and it is amazing! Also, DAISY came to church this Sunday! I love Daisy so much you guys, she is one of a kind! She had had a deep cleaning  on her teeth that morning so her face was numb but she still came to church! She stayed all three hours for the first time. During the sacrament she leaned over to Sister Ysasaga and said, "I don't even feel nervous anymore... I actually feel like I belong here!"  That is God working in her life! It is true!! We all have a place where WE BELONG! We Belong with our Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ! 

I love these people!! I love them so much!! We went to Shannon's Sunday night and right as we were walking up to her apartment Sharlene was walking out. We haven't seen Sharlene since the beginning of January!! It was a miracle!! We screamed when we saw each other!! It was a beautiful reunion and we were able to have a great discussion about the Book of Mormon and being led in the right direction! 

I am sorry this is a short email but some other missionary needs the computer! I want you all to know that I have a testimony that is sure and it is strong of my Heavenly Father, I know he is there and here!! He is everywhere! Everything denotes that there is a God! And He loves you!! 

Have a beautiful week!! 
Love always and always,
Sister Holt

Reunited with Sharlene and Baby RJ

Desert beach party with the Zone last week on  P-day

Sister McCombs and I at Zone Conference


Week 72: Reunited & It Felt So Good

Reunited with Tesan for the Day!

This week was one for the books once again! As always! :-)
The highlight of my week though was being able to go down the hill back to CHINO (the promised land) for a baptism of one of Sister Ysasaga's investigators on Saturday! And I got to see my sweet friend Tesan! It was like seeing my family again. The reunion was sweet :) 
We started talking to each other as if we had seen each other just yesterday! It was wonderful to be at a baptism with her... seems like yesterday we were at HER baptism! 

Teaching is going good for us here in Apple Valley!!

We were able to see C twice this week! She has been struggling for a while and has started to meet with us a couple times a month. Honestly, the problems she feels that she is having are common among all of us! We tend to forget the little things and the little things is what makes the difference in our spirits. If we feed our spirits as much as we feed our bodies... we would feel the difference! 

We saw G and M this week! They are approaching their year mark of membership this year! We see them usually every Tuesday and every Friday! They are awesome. M has autism but he is so knowledgeable... everything in the gospel clicks for him. We are going through the Book of Mormon stories with them.  It is hard  to find time in their set schedule to read on their own, so we are helping them. They are awesome!! We all made our own Title of Liberties this week after Moroni's! 

When we were at Shannon's this week - her friend P was there and he was just recently released from jail.... recently as in a few months ago... don't worry! :) He is so nice! Anyways, he found a Book of Mormon while he was in jail and started to read it! He has read the Book of Mormon and loved it!! He has been trying to find time to come to church with us to check it out but he lives really far away so the situation isn't ideal and he doesn't have a car. But we were able to teach him the Restoration this week. It wasn't the best way I've taught it because we only had a few minutes. But we feel what we did explain to him he understood... he got it and he said the closing prayer! It was awesome!! 

We had a couple lessons with D this week. We are still teaching out of the For Strength of Youth Pamphlet! This has been amazing... her comprehension and reading skills have increased so much from going through this pamphlet! I am so happy! It is amazing to see the change in people. The big and small changes! 

We had MLC on Thursday! I came down with a cold on Wednesday night at the end of our exchanges with the Ranchero sisters. I got a blessing Thursday morning because I felt like complete trash. It was a struggle to keep doing missionary work on Thursday and Friday but Saturday morning I was healed!! Literally no traces of my sickness! #MIRACLE! 

Okay that is all I Have time for!! I love you all and I still absolutely love being a missionary!!! <3 

Love Always,
Sister Holt


Week 71: Hard Week & Lots of Fast Food

Hello Beautiful People!  

I learned a lot this week and grew a lot. It was a hard week, but I don't really know why it was a hard week.  Sometimes they are just hard.  I am grateful to know the eternal purpose behind my hard days. And sometimes these are the weeks that I have the hardest time compiling into an email for you. I still saw many miracles and I am still happy. Nothing can chase away my happiness but I have to have hard days in order to learn and grow - grateful for the opposition. 

Well one full week of the new missionary schedule and I love it! It is almost as if all stress about TIME is gone. It is so liberating. I actually have time at night to write in my journal! 

I have felt very blessed to be a missionary this week... Well I always feel blessed but I guess you could just say EXTRA blessed this week. It seemed that almost every where we went we were recognized and were able to experience so many good things from it! And it was always at a food place.....  so I am about to be very vulnerable and give you an idea of how much we eat out.... 

HA! don't judge - we are missionaries -- it happens. So on Monday, we went to Little Caesars to get a crazy bread to share with all the sisters and the cashier was a less active YSA girl. We were able to exchange numbers and she told us how she wants to bring her non member boyfriend to church and to meet with us because they want to get married!! 

On Tuesday- we have to go down the hill to pick up the new sister missionaries to bring them up to the desert and since we don't have a Chik-fil-a in the desert we took the opportunity to go... obviously!! And a return missionary that was working there yelled out, "SISTERS! I am buying your meal! Get whatever you want!!" We started talking to the girl that was taking my order and ended up getting into a conversation about the gospel! 

Then on Wednesday, there is this hole in the wall taco place in Hesperia that Sister Ysasaga and I wanted to try and so we went for dinner after our lesson. We walked in and we were the only ones in there so we were looking at the menu and then another Hispanic guy walks in behind us and I told him that he could go in front of us because we were still deciding. Anyways, they start speaking Spanish to each other... and yeah yeah yeah.... so then it was our turn to order and we ordered a couple of tacos to try and then the taco maker guy told us that it was already paid for and to not worry about it. WHAT?! So we sit down in AWE.... and the Hispanic man... who we later found out his name is Max paid for us! It was so kind. We ended up having dinner with him and talked to him forever about the church and good standards and such. It was amazing you guys! I can't even tell you. Also, don't worry I haven't gained any weight from all this food. It pretty much is the only meal I eat during the day ANYWAYS! so no worries no worries! 

But it was a great week of meeting and talking to new people about the church.

We got Ashlyn all set up on family history this week and printed some names to take to the temple and the best part is -- Sister Ysasaga and I got permission from President to go with her to the temple for her first baptisms!! Bishop and Sister Casady are taking us down NEXT Tuesday. It is going to be amazing. I am so excited and so is Ashlyn!! I am probably going to cry... cause that is just what I do. 

D is still progressing towards her baptismal date on April 9th. We weren't able to meet with B this week. She cancelled on us twice!! But don't worry we will get her this week! She just got sick! :(
We met up with one of our  members this week and went down to his neighbor's house so he could pick up her cut down tree, while we talked to her about the gospel. It was way bold! but it was so amazing. He went up to her so boldly and said, "Listen Mary, I want to tell you something... Because we have a living prophet on the earth today who holds God's authority we can be sealed to our spouse for all time and all eternity. You can see your husband again. Now I am going to go over here and clean up your tree and I will leave you with these sweet sisters so they can explain to you what I just said." and he left. It was so powerful! We briefly taught about the restoration and she said we could come back!! #miracle

I love love love being here!! Grateful for my calling and this experience. Grateful to know God is my loving Heavenly Father and that we are His children!! And I am grateful to share this with everyone! 

Have a beautiful and safe and happy week!! 
Love Always,
 Sister Holt 

Doing family history with Ashlyn at Bishops!

LUNCH to say goodbye with Sister Hadfield and Westfall 

Exchanges w/ Sister Hathcock and Lewis!