Week 43: Where are my People?

My new little pick me up.  Love it -- So I am singing while I work.

Hola from the oven of America! I am melting here friends. Maybe I am being dramatic and it is a lot hotter in other places but I am melting here and that is all I know. But still happy! Just  extremely hot. Bleh.   

As missionaries we don't get to watch the news.... Was there breaking news in California that no one is allowed to answer the doors anymore? Because that is what I am sensing?? WHERE ARE MY PEOPLE AT! I am killing Sister Crane from heat exhaustion over here from knocking doors all day and we got nobody. That's okay we aren't complaining but if you know where the people are, let us know! :) 

We had a lesson with Madelyn this week and she is doing good. And I mean she is doing just good. I think she is getting a little sick of us, but she is making progress. I really feel her growing from her trying to understand the scriptures and personal prayer. It is making a difference. A slow difference but she is coming around. We have been reading in 3 Nephi with her to help her connect the teachings from Jesus Christ in the New Testament. When we use the Bible and the Book of Mormon to support each other and not one against the other, there is true power in the compound that they make. 

We had a stake activity this Saturday to celebrate Pioneer Day! It was fun. Sister Crane and I went HAM on inviting people to it. We were out all morning to get potentials and investigators and less actives to attend and we ended up coming across a house that has like 3 families living it and they all swarmed to the door to hear what we had to say. They said they would love to come and it sounded genuine. But then they didn't show up. LAME but we are going to go back this week and see what's up. They were so sweet and we both had a good feeling when we were there. So that was our half miracle of the week! :) 

Tesan got her temple recommend this Sunday!! And has plans to go attend the temple for baptisms this Saturday with a couple in our ward who are preparing to be sealed this year. They are also calling Stella to invite her! I am so grateful for amazing members who take care of the newbies :) Tesan is really taking the ball and running with it. She is becoming so strong in her testimony and continues to share it with everyone. I am so grateful for her friendship and example to me! SO THANKFUL to have her in my life. 

On Sunday, Rita (our less active) came to church!!! She had the biggest smile right when she walked it. She hasn't been to church a lot of years and has been struggling a lot lately. We have been telling her and telling her that she needs to get to church to be able to show Heavenly Father her commitment to him. We hadn't even reminded her last week to come to church and she came all on her own. TRUE COMMITMENT!  

So all in all, even though we aren't getting any opened doors we are still seeing all the blessings and the miracles that are happening. I love being a missionary, even when it is hard and hot. It is still the best calling to have! :) 

I know my faith, my attitude, and my desires will still continue to be tested throughout my mission and my life but I know if I always choose Christ, I will have made the right choice. He is my rock and my foundation. So grateful to know Him. 

I love you and thankful day and night for your prayers and support. I pray everyday that God will keep you safe and healthy! 

Love always, 
Sister Holt 

1. Pioneer Day activity with Tesan and Sister Spence! 
2. My pick me up this week! I sing while I work!! 
3. Sister Crane and I in the hills!

Pioneer Day Activity with Tesan and Sister Spence

Sister Crane and I in the hills.


Week 42: I'm in a TimeWarp


Week 41: Work Continues in Diamond Bar

Sister Crane and I on our first FULL day.

The work continues in Diamond Bar with Sister Crane! It is a wonderful life!  
Not much change since Wednesday when I last emailed y'all. Still happy as can be! 

Wednesday we met with Madelyn and we had time to address some concerns that she has been facing. A lot of opposition has come her way. She feels like joining the church would be throwing away everything she knows and has been raised with. She struggles believing the Book of Mormon but that's because she isn't reading it. And she has some Joseph Smith concerns. All these got brought up in one day. I can't imagine how overwhelmed she feels but she is trying her best. She first went to the internet to come to find MORE anti feelings about the church. We talked about and showed her ways to find more clear and positive resolutions to her questions. We bore testimony for sincere prayer with faith. We testified of reading the Book of Mormon starting in 3 Nephi  and hope that will help her relate to the Bible more and hear Christ's teachings. We told her that if she would come to church on Sunday she will be able to receive her answers more clearly. She felt better but leaving the lesson I didn't know if we resolved many of her concerns... So we hoped and prayed that she would resolve them through her own studies. 

On Sunday, low and behold Madelyn walked into the church. Showing so much faith and determination on her face. It made me sooo happy!!! We haven't followed up yet but I hope and hope that she felt something!! 

That Wednesday night we found a lost member who's records just randomly showed up in our ward. Her name is Prisella and she is from China. She joined the church about 3 years ago and hasn't really been back but has continued to read the Book of Mormon every now and again. She was so happy to see us at her door. She welcomed us in and told us how excited she was that we found her!! 

We talked about school and what not for a little bit - she is struggling with money right now so she had to take a pause on school and she doesn't know when she will be able to start again. She is literally paying a fortune to go to school - so I told her about LDSBC and how awesome and cheap it was for a good education and it's church owned. She lit up!!! She wants to move to Utah so bad so she can find a cute mormon boy to date!! haha! She's so cute. We will start reading the Book of Mormon with her weekly. 

We visited Tesan twice this week. She is doing so well. Continuing to study and pray daily. Her faith is growing so much. She is adorable. She welcomed Sister Crane with open loving arms. We had a lesson on the importance of the sacrament. Tesan is so observant during the sacrament and she is so faithful to Heavenly Father she always takes that time to reflect and pray. I can really tell how much she relies and values the sacrament each week.  She is a great example.

Saturday I almost killed Sister Crane..... I was so oblivious. 
It was soooo hot -- like HIGH 90's. And I thought it would be a smart idea to tract for the rest of the day. All our appointments fell through so I just started walking... Well 2 and a half hours later.... We were soaked with sweat and had no water..... poor Sister Crane... she didn't complain once until I was like ...  "WE NEED WATER! ahah we are gonna die!!!"  Sooooo we hiked back through the hills to our car and drove to McDonald's and got ourselves the biggest Ice water a girl could get. Don't worry everyone Sister crane still loves me .... but I think she is rethinking if I have a brain or not. 

Sunday was wonderful!!! Favorite day in the mission is always Sundays!! I love Diamond Bar! I love the people here. 

Well this next week I will try not to kill Sister Crane but we are going to be out finding. Walking and talking to everybody. We are gonna go by nice water bottles today in honor of our terrible experience on Saturday. :) 

Keep Diamond Bar in your prayers that we will be lead to the prepared. <3 

Peace and blessings to all of you amazing friends of mine, 
I am grateful each and every day! 

Sister Holt

Tesan and I

Stella ready for baptism
Love this picture of sassy Stella -- with Sister Hernandez and myself


Week 40: Half Way & Happy Birthday & Hurray a New Baby

Happy Birthday LOVE

I HAD ANOTHER BABY!!!! What the heck is going on?! Mission life is crazy and has been the craziest it has ever been, I finally got to a computer to send you a quick update on life. SOOOO HOLD ON TIGHT AND HERE WE GO!  

First and most importantly - Dear beautiful Stella got baptized this past Saturday. It was a long time coming and took so much praying but it was successful and it was beautiful!! The Lord made it happen. The only way I can think of describing her would be as a giddy little girl on Christmas morning! Her smile was so bright and so big, her presence was happiness and peace. It was amazing. She knew that this was the right step for her to take in her life and she is so antsy to see what the Lord has in store for her next. She truly has a testimony of the Atonement and the change that the gospel provides for us. Never in a million years she would of thought of herself as a "Mormon" but she says all the time... "If I would have just listened I could have done this a long time ago!" Amazing! Grateful for how aware our Heavenly Father is of each of us and his timing is perfect. 

The next day on Sunday, Stella was confirmed as the newest member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She felt so welcomed and said that she already felt and knew that  this is where she belongs! 

That Sunday afternoon the Elders in the Diamond Bar ward had a baptism for a Chinese family who have been taking the lessons since September. The entire baptism was in Chinese with English translation. They asked me if I would lead the music. While I was up there I could hear half the words being sung in Chinese and the rest in English. It was the coolest thing ever! Anyways - that makes for 4 baptisms this weekend for Diamond Bar!! We are sooooo thankful and feel so blessed to be missionaries to bring this glad message to all who will listen. 

Sunday was my 20th birthday!!! Yes I am 20 - I don't act like it and I don't feel like it but hey, that is how it works right?? Well, I know it is safe to say that it was the best birthday I have ever had in my 20 years of living! I have never felt so much LOVE, KINDNESS, and HAPPINESS from everyone here in Diamond Bar and ALL THE WAY FROM IDAHO! I could feel it. It was such a special day. I have such special people in my life and I can not find words to express my gratitude. 

I had a wonderful surprise from my trainer/first companion Sister Nancy Huntington who just waltzed right on into church on Sunday to surprise me! It was the greatest. Stella and Tesan both got me such thoughtful gifts. I recieved numerous packages from family and friends back home. THANK YOU!  I  also had so many loved ones around me all day Sunday to make it ultra special. 

Needless to say I was well taken care of Mother - by you and SO many others. 

Sunday was Sister Hernandez and I's last day together as companions. She got transferred up to good ole steaming hot Apple Valley! She is not a desert rat. LOL not really but thats what we call them. It was the saddest goodbye - the minute we pulled into the mission office Monday Morning to transfer her we both just started bawling our eyes out and hugging. Luckily, we had sunglasses so no one could see our swollen eyes. I will miss that Sister of mine. She has taught me so many lessons  that I needed to learn. She has such a creative mind and a good heart. She is going to do amazing thing on her mission for the Lord. 

I HOWEVER am staying in Diamond Bar with the Kilburns. And President Taylor called me on Saturday to be a TRAINER. YUP I got another greenie. BUT I couldn't be happier. I honestly just can't believe it. 

Her name is Sister McKenna Crane! She is a doll. She is from Provo, Utah and loves SWIG. :) Her and I are twins... Everyone told us we look alike and we do everything so similar. She is so happy and wants to be a good missionary. I can't wait to break her out of her shell and teach her the ways of Sister Holt ;) JK I have no ways. We just work hard and HAVE FUN while doing it. 

So please don't be mad at me but I forgot my camera at home. I have a million and a half pictures to send home but you will have to wait till Monday!! I AM SO SORRY! But don't worry I still look the same just one year older :) 

I had the best fourth of July! Since I didn't get Sister Crane till Tuesday afternoon.... on Monday I spent the day in Upland with Sister Boswell. And there is a bishop in the Upland stake who cooks up about 1000 hotdogs every year and hands them out for free to everyone walking the streets. So he recruited the missionaries and we got to stop traffic and give out free hot dogs! IT WAS SO FUN! Just imagine me running out in the middle of the road to give a family packed full car some hot dogs to eat!!! It was hilarious!! I had way too much fun! 

Okay so I think that it mostly everything I wanted to tell you. I had to type really fast cause I have no time left but I hope it made sense. 

I hope you ALLLLLLL know how much I love and appreciate each of you!! My Birthday was wonderful and so special. I am so thankful to everyone who is supporting and helping me serve the Lord's children here in California! It is the best 9 months I have ever spent. And I can't believe I have only 9 more! So grateful for this opportunity and experience. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE from all my heart---
Sister Holt 

Pictures were sent HOME by friends of Diamond Bar.
Tesan and the Huerra Family in Diamond  Bar

Gifts from Loved one for Sister Hernandez and myself
Our newest member Stella

My New Baby -- Sister Crane --- We are TWINS!