Week 61: Cloud Nine Feeling

Sister Brown


We had amazing lessons with our sweet Ashlyn this week!!

She is praying about what day she wants to be baptized!!!! <3

Satan sucks and tried to keep her from church on Sunday --   her keys got locked in her car at the gas station so she had to walk to church!! She finally made it for Relief Society. Ashlyn said that that experience just proves how true the church is because Satan tried so hard to make it so she couldn't go. But she kept fighting with faith!! She is so amazing! I can't even put into words anything about our lessons... They are over flowing with the spirit and full of love for Jesus Christ. They are awesome. I wish you could all skype in or something. Wouldn't that be so fun? Heavenly Father is so aware of her and her desires and her faith that he will help make anything happen!! Everything worked out and she was so happy to be at church! 

My testimony of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and him simply as my Savior has grown so much this week. He helps empower me to change and be better. I had such a wonderful Sabbath Day this Sunday. As I partook of the Sacrament I could truly feel myself becoming cleansed and being given a new beginning to be better this next week. It was a cloud 9 feeling. Jesus Christ is the reason behind every thing we do. He is the light of the world and the light of my life!! I am so thankful to him every day. Not a day goes by that I am not full of gratitude towards him. 

We had two Thanksgiving dinners this week. One with the Baileys and one with the Fulchers. They are wonderful families and I feel so much love in their homes. So don't worry momma I was well fed and taken care of. 

I love you all and I am very sorry this is not a fabulous email. Just know that I am extremely happy, busy, and happy!! :) 


Love always,
Sister Holt 

Decorating at a Families Home for Christmas

This is Ashlynn -- Good Things will Happen Soon


Week 60: Happy Thanksgiving -- Much To Be Thankful For

Another week has come and it is gone! It was a great week.  So much to be Thankful for in this work of the Lord.

On Tuesday, we had  zone conference that lasted the whole day.  It was about working with our stake and ward leaders. It was really awesome. It was combined with the entire desert so like 100 missionaries were there. It was fun to see a lot of missionaries that I have never seen before because I have been in the valley my whole mission. It is a different life up here. It is always nice to see President and Sister Taylor. They are so sweet and loving. 

On Wednesday, I was on an exchange with Sister Sowby in her area in Hesperia. It was fun. She has only been in the area for about one week so she was nervous to plan a day for her area. But she pulled it off. We had many lessons and testifying opportunities all day long. We went to stop by a lady who she had met the week prior. It was the end of the day  and it was getting really dark and it was so windy. (windy=ice cold) Before we got out of the car we said a prayer for our lesson. I asked Heavenly Father if He would just let someone let us in to teach them and we could place the Book of Mormon that I had. We rang the ladies door bell.... and waited..... knocked and waited..... and knocked again.... and waited a little bit longer..... as we turned to go to the next place, the ladies door opened and SHE LET US IN!!! We were able to teach her and her two kids (who are YSA age) about the Restoration. The spirit was so strong and we invited her to pray about the message that we came to share with them. And they asked us if we would pray for them as they prayed to know the truth because they wanted to know the truth. #miracles 

On Thursday, I was on another exchange with Hermana Quiroz once again. I love this sister!! She is awesome and from Mesa Arizona which just means we have a connection. (LOL -- I'm not even from there, my papa and grammie live there...) same thing right? Anyways, we had an awesome day!! We worked with YSA all day long which is just an adventure in itself. We finally got to meet  an investigator, L. She attends  college here and has some free time so she meets us at the institute building. Our lesson did not go according to plan... go figure.... but she had some awesome questions. We had our member Renata with us and she was able to relate and help answer some of them.  

Then that night we had the biggest miracle in my opinion. So there is this sister in the Mojave Narrows ward that we have not been able to get a hold of since I've been up here. But I have just felt this urge to keep trying! #fourthfloorlastdoor... anyways... I had a prompting to go try her that night. So we went and like we always do we said a prayer before going to knock on her door and as we were getting out of the car Hermana Quiroz said, "This is going to be IT!" I was like, "HECK YA IT IS!" 

And we walked up and after we knocked twice, the door swings open and there stands S. And my mouth dropped. LOL not kidding. I was STUNNED!! I actually screamed because I was so happy.... but don't worry I didn't scare her. She was happy to see me too and I think my excitement was contagious. She was just about to head out but she invited us to come back on Saturday and help her feed her horses because she lives on a ranch. She takes care of 30 horses!!! Yeah... totally my scene right? NOT... but anything for the Lord right!!! :) YES! 

Okay so now Friday!!! Phew.... Friday was amazing!! 
We started out Friday with a BANG! So LAST LAST Monday we received a referral from a guy in the YSA ward to teach his friend. We set up a church tour for Friday morning and we finally got to meet her... Her name is A.  Anyways.... to get to the point.... SHE IS AMAZING!! We walked around the church. We talked about all the different rooms and their function. We also stopped at some of the pictures in the hall to talk about Jesus Christ or scenes from the Book of Mormon. 

We stopped and talked about Lehi and Nephi for a little bit... and we told her that we are here to answer any questions that she has. So we threw out this question.... "You know in the Bible when it says, Beware of False Prophets?' How do you know that Joseph Smith wasn't a false prophet?" (my tummy got all tickley inside... it's my favorite question) So we sat down on the couch and we flopped open the powerful Book of Mormon and read 2 Nephi 32:3 and then we talked about how at the end of the verse in the Bible that she is talking about it says... "and by their fruits ye shall know them." And the spirit totally struck her. She said that made so much sense. We each took a chance to bear our testimonies of the gospel in our lives and A started crying.... and she said, "You know... I have felt lead a couple times in my life and I feel like this is one of those times.... I feel like this is going to be something that changes my life." 

At that point I just started crying with her! I bore my testimony of the change that Christ has provided me in my life and I told her that unimaginable joy awaits her and that Heavenly Father has a perfect plan prepared for her and that THIS IS PART OF IT! We were all in tears. At the end A wanted to learn more!!! We gave her a Book of Mormon and read Moroni's promise in the back and we each took one more time to cry. It was a very special moment for me on my mission. I will never forget the Spirit that was there to confirm the truth that we testified of. 

Then later Friday night we had another awesome lesson with D from YSA she is progressing!! We hope to set her on date for baptism this week. She is ready! :) 

So on Saturday, I was on exchanges with Sister Hathcock (Sister Hernandez' greenie... my old companion) And we went back to S house/ranch to help her feed her horses. It was so much fun. It is not everyday you see a girl chucking hay at horses in a skirt and blouse! ;)  Anyways.... we watched the sunset and then we went inside and had a lesson on the Atonement of Jesus Christ. We cried in that lesson too. The spirit was there man!! It was sooo there!! S has had a really hard life.... but it is never too late!! She also came to church on Sunday!!!! #miracle!! 

I am just so happy and soooooo excited about the work in this area!!! God is so good and His hands are here!! I am so thankful every day to be a servant of the Lord. 

Happy Thanksgiving & I love you all so much!! Stay safe and happppy!!! <3 

Sister Holt

Sunset in the Desert!

EXCHANGES -- with the Hermanas

Exchanges with Hathcock and Hernandez! <3


Week 59: Top Ten Miracles

Miracles! Big or small... They are still MIRACLES!  

Let me preface this with the fact that Sister Castelo and I both caught ugly colds on Tuesday. #Icky. It was not a pretty sight. BUT the Lord provided the strength in order for us to get up and get everything and then some done!! 

That is a miracle alone... but you only will understand that if you have ever lived a mission life before. haha!! 

First miracle! 
We got a referral from a YSA on Monday! 

Second miracle! 
S is keeping her commitments to the word of wisdom! 

Third miracle! 
D is now our friend! And she is progressing towards baptism! 

Fourth miracle! 
We got 2 out of 11 exchanges done this week! (week 1 on the new transfer!) 

Fifth miracle! 
We made it  to MLC in Rancho Cucamonga safely! 

Sixth miracle! 
C is willing to meet with us and support us! 

Seventh miracle! 
On Wednesday, we had dinner with a new family and felt the spirit so strongly as we read from the scriptures.

Eighth miracle! 
We had an amazing lesson with J and R at the Bell's house! The conversation may have gotten  off topic  a little, but it all came back together by the spirit! And now J and R have a friend in the church! 

Ninth miracle! 
We got a new ward mission leader and he wants to meet us with weekly!! We also got a new ward mission leader in our other ward too!! Change is so good! 

Tenth miracle! 
We had a second lesson completely inspired by the Spirit with D on Friday. Talked to her about our self-worth and our value in Heavenly Fathers eyes. Even if we can't see our potential... He can!! 

Those are only 10 of the miracles we saw this week! It is such a blessing that we have a loving Heavenly Father watching over us every single day. The world is a scary and crazy place right now, BUT there is still good to be found. There is still LIGHT! Jesus Christ is still our Savior and Heavenly Father is still our Father who LOVES US and ACCEPTS US! 

The gospel of Jesus Christ hasn't gone anywhere. It is still here and it will always be here! Please don't get distracted or confused on where the real power comes from. The real power in our lives and in the world  -- comes from God. It comes from feasting upon the words of Christ, the scriptures!! It comes from pure intent and daily communication with God through our prayers. It comes from love! It comes from Charity for ALL PEOPLE no matter the circumstance. 

The gospel of Jesus Christ is TRUE! and it is HERE on earth! Please don't forget that! 
Always Remember! 

Take care of each other. 
Stay safe and lead each other with love! 

Sister Holt 

Sister Castelo and I -- just doing our thing.

What a beautiful day -- Live Life to the Fullest.

Love Being  Missionary -- @bumpfist #CTR


Week 58: We Choose to be Happy and Find Joy

We saw soooo many miracles this week! Hard work pays off even when they are just tiny miracles or blessings! It is just good to reach out and to recognize them. I tried hard to do that this week.  

First Monday night was awesome. It was Halloween  and we had no dinner plans and had to be in by 6.  So my bomb of a mother ordered us pizza and the miracle is that the guy who dropped off our pizza needed to check my ID and card but I told him that it was my mom's and she is  in Idaho and he let me slide just this once!! #miracles! haha

Tuesday, we had an awesome district meeting. I really feel like our district is coming together more and everyone is picking up their game and supporting each other. It is awesome. We had a lesson with S later that day about the Word of Wisdom. Basically, she is going to need to start  eliminating one thing at a time and it will be hard. But she really wants this. We testified that she is not alone in this and not only are WE here to help and support her but that Heavenly Father and her Savior, Jesus Christ are here right beside her to help her. They will lift her if she lets them. 

Later we met with G and M and read the scriptures. G had a lot of great questions. I love the spirit when we read the Book of Mormon. It truly has so much power and love that comes from the words. 

Wednesday we had an exchange with the Sante Fe sisters. I was with Sister Brown and she is from South Dakota. And if anyone can love she can. She is so invested in her members, investigators and everyone she meets in this area. It is amazing to see how much she loves these people. Truly inspiring. She is a fun loving sister. We had a baptismal interview that day with M and A. They got baptized this Saturday. A momma and a daughter. It was precious to see how excited they were for this next step. A day they will remember forever. 

Thursday - Sister Castelo and I hit up all the YSA's. haha! Well we tried. We picked up a new investigator named D. She is darling. Just graduated and loves God. She has read the Book of Mormon before and knows that it is true. She is so sincere and just a ball of sunshine. We read 2 Nephi 4 and talked about how God is our support alllll the time. He is here for us. He loves us and never will leave us. Isn't that an amazing thought? Heavenly Father, a literal GOD, loves us and wants US to be happy. Someone who controls absolutely everything in the universe cares about OUR happiness and will take the time to help you. 

I am amazed every single day at how He has time to take care of all the little things in our lives. Something simple as our protection or energy. I know that my energy is not coming from me.... I would not be able to do what I am doing without Him along side me. He is boosting me up with energy to do what I am doing.

Then we had institute that night with the YSA ward. I always learn so much there. It's such a privilege being able to go. 

Friday is weekly planning daaaaaaay! And covering two wards and 10 companionships of sisters we have LOTS of planning. I always really have to focus because I get distracted easily and get really antsy to get outside! But it has to get done. Otherwise the next week is a WRECK! (over dramatic but true) 

Saturday, We had dinner with a new returned sister missionary in our ward. She is darling. I love her! She had us over and made us crepes. We talked about our missions and how we have all changed because of them. It was such a great time for me to reflect on different things I have learned from this past year. There is too much to narrow it down. 

I really have matured in my perspective on my life though. I have gained such a stronger knowledge of the plan of salvation and it continues to expand from my studies of the Book of Mormon. It amazes me the more I learn. God's plan is absolutely perfect.... without error. Since the foundation of the world it has been prepared and planned out. He has given us everything we need to be happy and to find JOY. And now it is in our hands . We get to choose whether or not we will use the tools he has given us to experience soon what he experiences. That is our goal! And there is only one way! 

Sunday was amazing, long, and crazy!! BUT AMAZING!! We had ward council and that is always an awesome experience. Then we walked down a block to go pick up S and J. Two different investigators that live close to each other. S wasn't home. BIG bummer so we were praying that J would be up and ready. And she was!! and dressed modestly!! It was a miracle and we walked to church and it was so fun. J loved it there and the first thing she said was, "I felt the spirit you guys!"  IT was adorable. She said she would def be back next week for all 3 hours with her two lil boys! We also got a new ward mission leader which is pretty awesome, Brother Mazzola! I am super excited! 

I am in love with missionary work and being here! Even though everyday is a new kind of hard and sometimes it is slow. I still find so much joy in this work. I try my best and the Lord takes care of so much more then I could ever thank him for. I know Christ LIVES and He is with us. HOW does he do it all at once? I don't know but I feel Him all the time and I know you can too. His grace and love are incomprehensible. I am so grateful!! I know the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored. I know this is Christ's church on the earth today. The work would not move along this good if He was not at the head. 

I love you all and thank you every day for the support and prayers that I receive. 

Sister Holt 

Jesus Loves You!

Pizza on Halloween -- Thanks MOM!

Exchanges with the Santa Fe Sisters