Week 77: Right Place & Right Time

What is the best way to explain my week.... hmmm.... AMAZING! MIRACLES! BLESSINGS! LOVE! All the above. 

I love Alta Loma Upland soo much! I just love my mission. I reflect daily at how blessed I am for all the priceless people I have met and the experiences that I have been given! I love my mission! 

So my companion Sister Wood has been out on her mission for 6 weeks at this point of the beginning of the week and she is fantastic! Seriously, so much fun! I don't even feel like I am training because she is soooo scholastic! SO she has only been in this area for 6 weeks and so really we are learning together! It has been an adventure! BUT we have seen nothing but God guiding us and blessing us! We have had miracles every single day! 

We got two new investigators this week - Theresa and  Daniel (separate investigators from each other). We got a bomb referral from St. George for a lady named Marlene and we met her and she wants to meet this week! Mary prayed and received an answer about Joseph Smith so we gave her a Book of Mormon! And Daniel came to church and loved it! Two families from my first area have actually moved into the Alta Loma ward over the past year so it was so fun to see them again. One of them being Wendy who's husband passed away while I was in the Redhill Ward... I never knew her but we tracted into her and I made the connection and she began to cry and wants us to come back. Heavenly Father has placed us in the right places! I am so grateful for so many experiences that I can feel God's love for His children. 

I just feel so blessed and feel that I am in the right place in the right time! I am so grateful for this gospel and for this organized church! I know that it is true. Everything is too perfect when follow God and we trust in Him. 

I will have more stories next week! Just know that I am being taken care of and SO beyond blessed and happy! 

Love Always,
Sister Holt

Sister Wood and I
Trio for the day with Sister Fullmer! 
My cactus from the desert in the valley sunset! 

Sister Wood and I

Trio: Sister Wood, Sister Fullmer and myself

My cactus in the desert in the valley sunset!

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