Week 76: Transferred & Training

Wild news! I was 6 week shafted out of my area... Said good-bye to the desert and hello to the valley once again! Who woulda thunk... NOT ME! 

I am back down the hill in the valley in the city of UPLAND serving in the Alta Loma ward! I am so excited actually. My plans are never the Lords's plans and I have learned this over and over again. You think I would just understand by now.  But I have felt peace and a confirmation that this is where I am supposed to be for the last 6 weeks. I am grateful for this!! I truly am! 

My new companion is Sister Wood. She has been out in the field for 6 weeks!! #greeeeenie!! WAHOO! I am half training her this transfer and then she will send me home. Till then we have some fun adventures awaiting us! I am so excited!! 

SO my last week in Mojave Narrows and High Desert YSA was absolutely perfect... Heavenly Father placed the most perfect events in my path and we had amazing experiences, enough for me to be at peace with leaving. 

We had my last lesson with Daisy. She is still on date for April. So as my last lesson we did a prep baptismal interview where she read all the questions and answered them out loud. It was marvelous! I felt so blessed. All her answers we filled with the spirit. I could just feel in my heart that she has made sufficient changes in her life to get her closer to baptism. I know she will make it! I am so overjoyed for her and to have experienced part of this journey with her! She also came to stake conference this Sunday and LOVED it! 

I had to say good-bye to Ashlyn as well. But for us like many others here I have met,  it was just a see you later! It was hard to leave knowing I won't see her for a very long time! But I know she is in Heavenly Father's hands and always has been, so what is the difference with me there and without me. I know we will always be friends no matter the distance apart and I am so thankful to know that! 

Saying good-bye to Shannon was heart breaking! Her sister Sharlene who we taught came to say good-bye as well. And as a departing gift they gave me a necklace with three butterflies on it! Because WE ARE BUTTERFLIES and can do anything!! They also made my favorite peach cobbler! 

And finally to end my week on Sunday night when Sister Ysasaga and I got home it was 9:30 and Sister McCombs and Sister Clarke (our housemates) stopped me before I walked inside and had me cover my eyes and sit on the couch and told me to stay there until they tell me to come. SO I was obedient and did so... even though I absolutely hate surprises! So they ran upstairs and left me downstairs in the dark with my eyes shut sitting on the couch. Then they said... "OK you can come up now!" 

I opened my eyes to see white sheets covering our stair case and music was playing. They had built a tunnel up our stairs. I lifted up the sheet at the bottom of the stairs to see LIGHTS all along each side of the stairs with pictures and index cards with written memories on each one going up to the top of the stairs. I CRIED AT THIS POINT! Seriously.... I have never felt sooooo blessed in my entire life to have such loving, amazing, and real friends around me!!!! Sister Ysasaga, Clarke, and McCombs came into my life at such a hard point in my mission and they have turned out to be one of the biggest miracles on my mission to just live with them. I absolutely love them and words can express my gratitude!! Here is a picture, so you can have a visual. 

All in all! I have had AMAZING experiences every where I go. From Rancho Cucamonga Redhill ward, to Diamond Bar, to Apple Valley... there have been people in EACH place that I KNOW without a doubt I was supposed to meet them and have them in my life. I have been able to experience so much and I am so grateful! My mission so far has been perfect!! more then I can express so I KNOW that these 6 weeks in Alta Loma Upland are going to be the same!! My heart is FULL! I love my Heavenly Father and I love my Savior, Jesus Christ... only through Him have I been able to do this!! 

Thank you for all your prayers and support. I FEEL THEM everyday! 

Love always,
Sister Holt

1. Said goodbye to Daisy
2. Ashlyn
3. The view from the bottom of the stairs where I started crying! 

Daisy --- good bye

Slept on the balcony my last night

Sweet Sister Summer -- dear friend

Apple Valley Zone

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