Week 75: Short and Sweet

I will never get good at starting these emails home. I just never know what to say other then another week went by... and here I am again! 

We had three exchanges this week with Wrightwood, Maple, and Bear Valley ward sisters! It was super fun but exhausting! Exchanges take a lot of energy out of me and we have 11 total. It is crazinesssss! It was not without challenges this week, but we hung in there. 

I got to be on an exchange with Sister Hernandez this week! I aboslutely adore her! We just click right back where we left off! She is my other half in the mission for sure!!! It was so much to be with her again for the day!

We were able to meet D and A both this week. I talk about them together because they are both in the YSA ward. D is doing great and still on date to be baptized this April 15th! She came to church yesterday and really enjoyed it. I don't even know how to explain the difference in her happiness! She is just beaming lately! I believe it is because she is living the gospel more fully. 
A is doing really good! I love her so much! She got an assignment to speak in church! 

We have transfers coming up this weekend.... #mylasttransfer so I hope I stay for my last one especially to hear her speak in church! 

I had a President interviews this week and it was such a great interview! My final question to President was 'How can I make these last 7 weeks most effective to end strong?' He thought about it for a minute and he told me that I have a few stepping stones a head of me that I need to focus on but Heavenly Father doesn't want me to lose view of the big picture but I also need to be careful that I don't spend too much time thinking of the big picture that I trip up on the steps I need to take in front of me. In the end the few steps that I take in the near future will result in what the big picture has in store for me! I am so grateful for the inspiration and advice from President Taylor! I really needed to hear this and it was most definitely meant for me to hear! At least it made sense to me.

Grateful for all that I have and the time I have on my mission! This time here has been the most rewarding. I have gained so much that I wouldn't have gained anywhere else! 

Love Always,
Sister Holt

Sister Hernandez and I

D's pet squirrel that she has raised since it was a baby

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