Week 4: It's All About Service

I guess I was off one week or something but I hit my 1 month this Saturday! Whaaaat!!! Only 17 more months left, that is crazy to me. I don't even remember what I told you guys in the previous emails so if I repeat things I am sorry. 

I haven't experienced “tracting" yet, because we have so much work already. We have 5 investigators and we are also working with so many less actives right now, which is my favorite because then I don't have to teach too simple because they know things. haha. We also have been doing SO MUCH service. It seems like everyone in the entire world and their dog want us to come purge their house and clean it. So I have been doing a lot and a lot of cleaning this week. Which is fun because we get to clean and teach at the same time. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN THAT WAY!   For example:

So there is this woman who's name will be Y because I don't know if I should tell their name. ANWAYS... My companion met her about 3 months ago when she first came to the area and they exchanged numbers but nothing has ever happened between them. So this week we texted her asking if she needed anything. Y texted back and said we can come over for some service on Friday. So we were like “SCORE lets go!” We went over and walked in and met Y and her mother was sitting on the couch, I will name her V. 

So they told us what we could do and we started dusting and cleaning stuff. Then V started making conversation and suddenly began asking about Joseph Smith and his story. So we basically taught her the restoration and THEN they invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner! (which we have been praying about) and then towards the end we sat down with Y and V because they were asking a bunch of questions like: Why we are serving missions and how we are away from family and life. They kept complimenting how amazing it was that we were ACTUALLY OUT IN THE WORLD DOING THE LORD’S WORK. The spirit was really strong. So we bore our testimonies on the restoration and V said, "I just feel something different in my heart when you girls are here." So we set up an appointment to come back and I left a Plan of Salvation pamphlet for them to read and V had it half way read by the time we walked out the door. She was eating it up!!! Basically, moral of the story we got two new investigators by just doing service!!!!

Being on a bike is still painful because our whole area is uphill. But I do love it because of the exercise and it’s a big stress reliever. 

One of our investigators is soooo close to baptism, but she didn't come to church yesterday which stinks. But she is Golden. Seriously all of her beliefs and life styles align with the gospel standards, she just doesn't recognize it. And she catches on to everything so fast that during our lessons we really have awesome deep conversations! She is adorable too. She’s a momma of a two year old who is the cutest little boy I have ever seen. I love them to death! So maybe you'll be seeing some baptism pictures soon! :) 

My favorite lady is D, she has throat cancer and isn't doing so well. She finds out on Tuesday whether or not to take our her tongue. :( But we went over there last week and helped clean her house and do her laundry. So this Saturday we went back to bring back all her rugs and laundry and she was up and walking around. She's a sassy black woman with so much personality. It was so fun to be around her! She used to be an actress and has worked with Will Smith before. She has a signed picture of the  two of them on the wall. I just love her so much. She is a recent convert of a year in our ward, so we just visit her because she is ill. She is also a fashion designer and wants to make us skirts and fur jackets! hahaha! She is so fun! 

Anyways so this week has been a lot of service and a lot of biking around. But I have truly come to know that THIS IS THE LORDS WORK and he truly is the one moving it along. I can see and feel this hands working in my mission so much. I love being in peoples homes and helping them feel of the love he has for them! It is truly an amazing feeling being his instrument. 
AND the thing is, is that we are all his instruments whether on a mission or not. We should always be a representative of Christ in all that we do. “When we are in the service of our fellow men, we are only in the service of our God.”  Everyone try to find a way to serve someone better this week! I promise you will see the Lord’s hands working in you! 

I love you all. Thank you for your prayers and support. I feel them. 

Be Kind and Have Courage!

Sister Holt

The first picture is me and my companion with a special Halloween treat.
Then I received an envelope of letters from the Mia Maids I served with before I left.  Thank you!
The last picture is a sunset in Cucamonga.  It is really pretty here and warm and just where I need to be.

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